9 thoughts on “Sort a pagedatacollection via property

  1. Arun

    Dear Erik,
    Using the above said method i got a PageDatacollection is sorted order (sorted with PageName Property). But in the sorted PDC i need to apply another sort Using Pagename. Suppose if Page Name/PageID is in This collection A/12,B/11,C/13,A/14,B/15,C/16…..Now
    new FilterPropertySort(“PageName”, FilterSortDirection.Descending).Filter(children); Will give me a result like A/14,A/12,B/15,B/11,C/16,C/13.

    Rather I need like A/12,A/14,B/11,B/15,C/13,C/16… Plz help me to resolve this Problem…

  2. Erik Nordin Post author

    Hmm, you could try to first sort by PageLink and then by PageName.
    If that doesn’t work I guess you have to write your own Comparer which first checks the PageName, if they are equal then check the PageLink ID.

    Good luck.

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