Add property to multiple page types

How fun is it when you realize that you have to add a property to 20 different page types?
Been there done that. So today when I realized that I had to do it again I wrote an admin plugin instead.

With this plugin you can create a new property just like you do in EPiServer, and then you select wich PageTypes the property should be saved to.

If a Property with the same name already exists it will leave the old one.

This Plugin has only been tested with EPiServer CMS R2, but I think it’ll work with any CMS5 releases.

If you are interested in a plugin like this to EPiServer 4, then you should check out PageTypeUtil on EPiCode.

Download the plugin

875 thoughts on “Add property to multiple page types

  1. piquet

    This looks like something very useful. Could you explain how to integrate plugin in to our solution – or point me to relevant docs.

  2. Erik Nordin Post author

    Just download the zip-file linked in the post, unzip it, and include it in your visual studio project.

    Otherwise I would recommend the module I’ve linked in the post called PageTypeUtil, it’s has alot of more functions.

  3. piquet

    Many – too many – months of leaving this aside have finally got around to implementing this. It’s excellent. One thing I’ve found is that when importing pagetypes through devel, test and live systems, new properties do not import over – or in addition to – the existing pagetype’s properties. This tool helps with some instances.

    I’ve also come across and implemented it as a plugin. Now, when I have many new properties across multiple pagetypes I make a temporary pagetype – duplicate all the properties I want in to it, then export that pagetype in to my test, then live environments. Again I can then use the temp pagetype to duplicate the required properties to whichever ‘real’ pagetypes require them.

    Between both these tools, it saves a lot of mundane work.


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