Send mail in development environment

Just realized that in web.config you can specify a directory to “send” mail to instead of using a smtp-server, pretty neat. Just change to the following where you specify the smtp settings and you won’t have any troubles with smtp-servers. Just don’t forget to change this when you really need to send a mail.

      <smtp deliveryMethod="SpecifiedPickupDirectory">  
             pickupDirectoryLocation="c:\directory\to\emails\" />  

9 thoughts on “Send mail in development environment

  1. Erik Nordin Post author

    I guess you can use it when sending test-mail by, but not if you want to send it to using the real EPiMail-functionally cause those are sent from EPiServers own servers.

  2. Morten

    Another convenient option is to use smtp4dev available at codeplex
    Then you get a nice little systray application that pops up whenever you send an email from your local server, just specify localhost as your smtp server in web.config.

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