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Send mail in development environment

Just realized that in web.config you can specify a directory to “send” mail to instead of using a smtp-server, pretty neat. Just change to the following where you specify the smtp settings and you won’t have any troubles with smtp-servers. Just don’t forget to change this when you really need to send a mail.

      <smtp deliveryMethod="SpecifiedPickupDirectory">  
             pickupDirectoryLocation="c:\directory\to\emails\" />  

Add property to multiple page types

How fun is it when you realize that you have to add a property to 20 different page types?
Been there done that. So today when I realized that I had to do it again I wrote an admin plugin instead.

With this plugin you can create a new property just like you do in EPiServer, and then you select wich PageTypes the property should be saved to.

If a Property with the same name already exists it will leave the old one.

This Plugin has only been tested with EPiServer CMS R2, but I think it’ll work with any CMS5 releases.

If you are interested in a plugin like this to EPiServer 4, then you should check out PageTypeUtil on EPiCode.

Download the plugin